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Conveyor Belt for Food Products and Trays

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Conveyor Belt for Food Products and Trays

Conveyor Belt for Food Products and Trays

Main features, Benefits and Strengths 

Alci provides a wide range of conveyor belts for the food industry. The conveyor belt in question has been designed to transport food (or trays containing food products). 

The handling is made through the use of plastic modular belts which enable it to have a great versatility of use, resistance to wearing, low risk of contamination, safety for the workers, no lubrication or tensioning requirements. 

The structure which sustains the conveyor belt is made of AISI 304 with a micro shot blasting surface (it is possible to realize the structure with a brushed or shiny surface). In addition, the conveyor belt can be set up to have a metal detector to catch potential metallic contaminants in the products.

Design and structure have been conceived to facilitate the sanitising operations at the end of the shift. The Alci conveyor belts are designed and constructed in compliance with the main guidelines in force in the sector. 

Our range includes horizontal, vertical, modular and curved belts with the possibility to develop custom-made solutions.

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