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Energy & Fluids System


Energy & Fluids System

We strongly believe in the green industry. 

We plan and develop innovative and avantgarde solutions in order to protect the energy which we consider as a heritage. We invest resources which lead us to patent unique solutions.


Commitment in creating a sustainable engineering to build an industry which is as green as possible.

Energy & Fluids System

We realize highly customized projects: this is our leitmotiv, able to satisfy your sustainable and original ideas. We combine high engineering perfomances with energy saving.

We constantly commit to implementing a sustainable engineering, that is compatible and coherent to the global project of enforcing an industry which is as green as possible. Our partner ADSUM  has integrated lines of product dedicated to the process and transformation industry in its research and development programs.

We realize family of products with advanced control systems, thanks to a choice of technical parameters on primary and secondary of the system, such as AirModule for treatment, filtration and air humidity of specific industrial environments and EnergyModule, dedicated to plug&play solutions which are either cogenerative or regenerative, in order to meet the constant demand of thermal and electrical energy with the peculiarity of the grid flexibility predisposition. Our mission is the engineering of solutions, to produce green energy and, simultaneously, to reduce the costs of plant handling.


Energy & Fluids System

  • Fluids handling and thermal exchange through monitored and telemanaged installations on skid platform
  • Primary handling of energy, gas and overheated warm water
  • Installations for cogeneration and co-multigeneration
  • Air conditioning and air treatment installations, for temperature and humidity
  • Thermal power stations
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