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We design horizontal and vertical centrifuges, both standard and custom, and we have the ability to dimension machines that are extremely big in size in order to cope with processes which usually require different types of approaches on a planning and engineering level. 

The material treated can derive from wastewater purification, extraction processes, refinement and combustible oil recovery, effluent treatment or processes in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Planning, Realization, Installation


Experience, authority and assistance are the key elements in our department. The importance of this type of machines within the productive cycle have brought us to foresee the possibility to carry out tests through mobile skids, in order to ensure the effectiveness of your process machines and to allow its rental.

Decanter products

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  • Dimensioning and planning of non-standard machines
  • Product tests on the spot
  • Rental on skid platform
  • Inspection and restoration of all models currently on the market
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