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Vision One

Vision One

ALCI Group presents the innovative project for 4.0 Industry “ALCI VISION ONE”, an interconnecting and data nalyst software for centrifugal extractors dealing and remote management.

Technical specification, Standard and Optional 

Alci Group has developed “VISION ONE” App, suitable for PC and Smartphone.

The App allows to supervise centrifugal extractor’s performances in real time. It gives the possibility to storage and record in Cloud all the benchmark values of Decanter such as energy uptakes, working times, in and out flow (if flow meter is installed), repetition numbers, alarm history and their settings for a long-time analysis.

A further software implementation will allow, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, to process and analyze the collected data in order to optimize the efficiency of the machine, reduce consumption and predict scheduled maintenance times.

Prior authorisation, Alci technicians are able to consult the data in order to support on using the software in the best of its performance and being able to address maintenance times, set-ups for the optimization of the products processed and advising solutions in case of functional or process issues.

Download the pdf of the data sheet