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Main Features, Benefit and Strengths 

  • Cutting system through hose locking, in order to avoid the board translation, hose rotation on board and puck rotation.
  • Final puck beak fixed.
  • Lifting system for self-centering compared to hose.
  • Hose and cutting point self-centering (this function matching with towing).
  • Cutting up to substrate via abrasive puck.
  • Final substrate cutting via pneumatic input rotating knife.
  • Cutting cycle is completely automatic, and it includes hose cut portion drilling too.
  • Cutting program (for dierent ø of core) settle by operating panel with memory and re-call function.
  • Puck’s Control and wear calculating system.
  • Puck’s Control and position calculating system during cutting step to avoid core damaging.
Download the pdf of the data sheet