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Machine Unwind and Rewind Bandages 

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Machine Unwind and Rewind Bandages 

Machine Unwind and Rewind Bandages 

Main features, Benefits and Strengths 

The machine consists of an automatic system to unwrap the nylon bandages from a beam and wrap them on a larger beam designed to be included on an automatic wrapping machine.

The machine is equipped with a system that is able to verify the presence of defects on the bandage (thickness variations). 

The bandage passes into the impregnation and wringing station in which the bandage is immersed in a release fluid after the control phase. Once this phase is completed, the bandage is wrapped on the large beam and the correct alignment of the bandage is guaranteed through an automatic centering system. 

In order to keep the bandage pulled during the unwrapping phases of the small beam, the latter is assembled on a stand with a magnetic brake.

Around the machine there are perimeter barriers realized with welded steel profiles.

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