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Multibox Cartoner Machine 600

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Multibox Cartoner Machine 600

Multibox Cartoner Machine 600

The Multibox Cartoner Machine Model Multibox Cartoner Machine 600 has been studied for the packaging of the cartons in the bundles. The machine has been designed and built to be inserted in a continuous cycle production line for small / medium productions. It’s a machine defined as horizontal translation with alternating movement.
A vision system has been inserted and interfaced for the aggregation of serialized cartons / bundles, on the previously printed cartons then before their insertion in the bundle and on the bundle filled with the cartons , which once closed, is printed and the information printed are read through the vision system indicated above. During the work phases, a series of checks are automatically performed through sensors, which are managed by a correct functional logic (PLC system) and only through the positive outcome of the same, the final packaging can be considered correct.
The operator can interact to manage the functional cycle of the machine through a specific Operator Interface Panel.

The machine is mainly composed of the following groups:

• Cartons feeding belt group,
• Cartons plane group,
• Bundle Buffer group,
• Group positive opening bundle,
• Bundle pickup group,
• Cartons stacking group,
• Cartons pusher unit,
• Scan management group with the relative cameras for reading the aggregation codes
on the cases and on the full bundle,
• Mobile hopper group,
• Pharmacode reading group on the bundle,
• Bundle closures group,
• Press group,
• Exit conveyor groups,
• Accident prevention protection,
• Electrical panel compartment,
• Operator panel,
• Empty / pneumatic system.

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