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Robotic Island for Vial Packaging


Robotic Island for Vial Packaging

Robotic Island for Vial Packaging

Main features, Benefits and Strengths  

The machine is built to withdraw a vial at time (or if required) from a dedicated conveyor belt or from the end-of-line tank and insert it in the appropriate space inside the tray. The machine is made of a stainless steel carpentry and polycarbonate industrial casings which allow cleanability and inspection.

The machine includes a manual loading system of the bottles container trays. The machine handles at least  8 empty trays on its storage system; those are inserted inside the machine automatically.

In the same way, the system will be able to accommodate at least two cartons of which each one will hold four trays. The machine is automatically able to load the bottle container tray inside the carton. The picking of full cartons is manual; an idle roller conveyor and a manual picking system are collocated in the exit zone of full cartons. The loading, the opening and the empty cartons taping is manual, too.

The machine features a very high speed delta robot which makes pick and place operations. The robot has a very high reliability to center the bottle in the trays thanks to an appropriate centering system. 

The machine includes a vision system which is able to verify the correct filling of each tray, to convalidate the completeness and to report a possible incompleteness of loading. The system also includes a safety zone, where the operator can intervene to make possible adjustments or to pick up the tray.

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