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Wrap / Unwrap

Wrap / Unwrap

Main Features, Benefit and Strenghts 

Wrap/Unwrap Machinery BS Model is used for applying (or removing) nylon wrap on vulcanizing or vulcanized hose.

The machinery is composed by a wrap/unwrap head, and should be combined with one or two towing, by a soundproof cabinet and an electric cabinet too, completed by a PLC and Operating Touchscreen. Constant wrap/unwrap tension could be settle. Application starts by independent engine vector motors with a perfect synchro each other’s. Coil-status mapping (from full to empty) is automatic, in order to maintain wrap tension. At any time, PLC can memorize and re-call duty circles already done. Worker through touchscreen can settle production parameters:

  • Speed;
  • Wheelbase;
  • Wrap tension;
  • Beam is divided into two parts for coil changing during wrap/unwrap time;
  • Puck brake for emergency stop;
  • Constant wrap position monitoring through photocell, in order to ensure a steady wrapping.
Download the pdf of the data sheet