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Cutter CT-18

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Cutter CT-18

Cutter CT-18

Small Cutter CT-18 model ITZ & INS 

  • Length-Cutting system changeable for few sections about confectionery product.
  • Designed and Built regarding to food law regulations.
  • Easy appeal for maintenance through open-up carter at machine’s sides.
  • Cutting blade reliable and chargeable at using-dead line.


  • Polishing system through brushes and oil dosage set on a conveyor belt
  • Electric Cabinet / PLC* / Touchscreen for management and control*
  • Software for management and storage/cutting program recall*

* on costumer request

** ITZ-OS model with alternative motor “BRUSHLESS”, electric management for cutting more longer pieces than the other version; max. up to 300 mm

Download the pdf of the data sheet