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Draining Tanks

Automatic Machines

Draining Tanks

Draining Tanks

Main Features, Benefit and Strenghts

Automatic machine for the open air and room temperature transfer of creamy products from tanks.


  • Pneumatic double press column extruding system; Stainless steel chassis and suitably dimensioned press valves (Bore Cylinders 160 Ø); Working pressure 6 bar.
  • Adjustable pneumatic pump height system.
  • Stainless steel AISI 316L press plate equipped with seal slot.
  • Compression ratio pneumatic health pump 12: 1 for high viscosity fluids.
  • Opening and Closing ventilation valve controlled by push-button.
  • Pneumatic circuit complete with air discharge shut-off valve in case of current absence or emergency activation.
  • Solenoid voltage 24v dc.
  • Electrical system, machine board and control panel for component management.
  • Quick change gear arrangement.

Protection Cabin: 

  • Perimetral anchored in the ground protection chassis, made up of polished scotch brite stainless steel tubes.
  • Lexan chassis locks thickness 12mm.
  • Openable front gates made up of external stainless steel chassis and 15mm thickness lexan.
  • Safety micro on the door and micro limit switch on the descent of the pneumatic cylinder.
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