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Granules Cooler Model RG FINE

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Granules Cooler Model RG FINE

Granules Cooler Model RG FINE

Main features, Benefits and Strengths

Alci solution designed and built to cool thermoplastic granules before the packaging phase.

The “FINE” model is characterized by a centrifugal fan fixed on the back part of the machine. The use of the centrifugal fan enables it to reach a higher pressure within the cooling duct.

The machine consists of two main parts: basic structure and vibrating table.

The basic structure is made of carbon steel profiles and sheets welded together. The one fan or multiple fans are fixed at a low pressure within the structure to cool down the granule. It is equipped with adjustable feets for floor leveling and designed to assemble the load cyclone and to anchor the discharge hopper.

The vibrating table has a perimeter made of press-bended stainless steel inox sheets, while the bottom is made of a perforated plate which is also made of stainless steel inox and allows the passage of air coming from the machine. The vibrating masses with their oscillation, enable the correct flow of the product.

The two parts are connected through anti-vibration supports. The electrical panel is installed in the back part of the machine where it is possible to control the cooler functioning.

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