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Towing Head

Towing Head

Main Features, Benefits and Strengths

The towing head is designed to provide for the handling of pipes along its axis. This feature is obtained by the rotation of 2 rubber rollers, that are orthogonal and tangent to the pipe to be transported. The motion is provided by asynchronous electrical engines positioned on the frame that supports the machine.

The towing head is made of: 

  • Support frame 
    The structure consists of S235JR steel sheets and profiles which are painted according to the RAL agreed with the client. Its function is to support the gear motor, the hinges and the pins for the leverages of the other components.
  • Drive roller 
    The drive roller is made of RAL painted steel according to current rules and covered with polyurethane to increase the friction coefficient with the pipe.The pipe is connected to the levers by the pin and the bearing.
  • Centering roller 
    The centering roller is made of RAL painted steel according to current rules. The main feature of this part is to  press the pipe on the drive roller and create enough friction to move the pipe.
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